Adepticon and COVID-19 Update

Well, the pandemic has officially brought the planet to a temporary halt while everyone tries to get the virus under control. Unfortunately, this necessitated the cancellation of Adepticon. The health and safety of ourselves, the other vendors, and all of the attendees is more important than a weekend of gaming.

For us, unfortunately it also means changing our launch strategy for STARFALL: AoM. We’ll have more specific information in the coming weeks; however, I can confirm that the products we would have released at the convention–including the special release of Becca, the Iron Fist–will be released on our partner’s webstore March 26th as planned.

Metal Oak Casting Studios

Effective immediately, and running through end-of-day March 29th, they are running an “AdeptiCan’t” 10% off promotion. Once our starter boxes release, they will be included as well! Just use the name of the promotion (apostrophe and all) as a coupon code at check-out.

Becca, the Iron Fist

Check back over the next week for the new Metal Neko Games 2020 roadmap, including when to expect the beta rule book for download, character cards, and what to expect next~!

Stay Safe Out There

Don’t let the pandemic get you down! Ultimately, these precautions are for the health and safety of everyone, and the crisis will be resolved soon as long as everyone does their part to prevent the continued spread of the outbreak!


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