And we’re live!~
Links, Updates, and Art included today. Enjoy!

Look at this lil’ guy; all excited to meet new people and teach them a brand new game… Just, uh, don’t get devoured.

Welcome to the Initiative

The AdeptiCan’t Banner!

We’re so glad to have you. Alas, we would have preferred to meet you all in person at Adepticon, but public health and safety come first. Our own staff was negatively affected by COVID-19, but we’re happy to report that we’re all still here, back at it, and ready to see this game off and running!

At this time, we have two squad boxes and what would have been our special, surprise Adepticon character available for purchase from our partners, Metal Oak Casting Studios. Click that link to check out the catalog! Additionally, our event exclusive alternate sculpt of Elizabeth Radcliffe will be available through the end of the month!

Use the following coupon code for 10% off MOCS’s entire store, including our products, through March 29th!


Our Starter Boxes (also called squad boxes) run at 22USD a piece, with an option to purchase at 25USD to also receive a set of the full-color character cards. The cards are not mandatory for play as all rules and cards are available for download in the Downloadables section above–as well as some other printable goodies. This is very much a beta launch–the game will continue to grow; quickly.

Individual models will vary in price based on size.

All models are resin and include the appropriate size base. Starter Boxes also include a Redeploy Beacon model and base.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Later this summer, our current intention, barring a sudden change in economic climate, is to launch a Kickstarter for the rest of Wave 1 and beyond. Why? Well, to be perfectly honest about it: the loss of exposure that would have been provided by Adepticon was a huge blow–not to mention all of the lost advertising budget that went into the convention ahead of time for a small start-up like MNG. We want to continue producing and publishing everything we’ve intended to launch with, but COVID-19 has really thrown a wrench into the works for us, for everyone, and the entire planet. In order to proceed, we need the reach that a large platform like Kickstarter or Adepticon provides.

As of today, the rule book and the dossiers for all six characters for the Argent Palisades and the Cinderfane Paths are available in the downloads link, as well as all of the generic broker agents planned for wave 1. Next week, the Blood of Croatoa characters will be added, then the Cloak of Olaos. Additional models will be delayed for a while as we navigate the COVID-19 problems and concerns.

We’ll be opening up a form next week for Beta feedback as well–and story-related rewards for participants. Saturday, the 28th, we’ll cover what will be available in the full “Wave 1” of STARFALL.

Stay tuned!

Official Wave 1 Models

Painted Cinderfane

New Arts!

Arts are good. So good.

As always, all art by Cameron Nissen and Metal Neko Games™.

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