AdeptiCan’t – Official Launch of the Open Beta

And we’re live!~Links, Updates, and Art included today. Enjoy! Welcome to the Initiative We’re so glad to have you. Alas, we would have preferred to meet you all in person at Adepticon, but public health and safety come first. Our own staff was negatively affected by COVID-19, but we’re happy to report that we’re all […]

Adepticon and COVID-19 Update

Well, the pandemic has officially brought the planet to a temporary halt while everyone tries to get the virus under control. Unfortunately, this necessitated the cancellation of Adepticon. The health and safety of ourselves, the other vendors, and all of the attendees is more important than a weekend of gaming. For us, unfortunately it also […]

What If?

Unexpectedly, I survived my reckoning with Liery. My stroke of luck means I’m here yet again to talk about my favorite subject: the Starfall universe. -Amanda Back eons ago—okay, technically less than a year, but who’s actually counting?—when I was graciously invited to join this project, the first question I had was a simple one. […]