Adepticon 2020 Primer

We’re all crossing our fingers that Adepticon won’t need to be canceled due to CORVID-19. On the assumption that it won’t be necessary, here’s a quick primer on what to expect from us at the convention!

We are in booth 411 in the vendor hall, facing the Reaper Paint-and-Take.

Hope to see you there.

Liery has opted to abstain from attending–he wasn’t sure he could avoid the temptation to impose the Rule of the Goopcat; so, we thought it best he stay in his bog.

Product Releases

Metal Neko Games and STARFALL

We’ll have a slew of products available!

— The Cinderfane Paths “Those Who Wander” starter box containing Elierian, Marcus, and Vigil.

— The Argent Palisades “The Father’s Chosen” starter box containing Luka, Tengri, and Sofia.

— Additional copies of our Adepticon special release model–also included in the swag bag! We’ll be releasing more information on her later~

Metal Oak Casting Studios and Other Affiliates

Our lovely parent company will also have tons of models available! Check them out at If you want to order anything early (before Wednesday the 25th), we’ll bring it with us for convention delivery!

Our friends at Mats By Mars will have their awesome playmats available. If you drop on by and love STARFALL, be sure to give them a thank you from us for sharing their booth space with us!

Token sets produced by Warsenal will be available in limited quantities.

Participation Event and Downloadables

If you come by our booth, you’ll be given a business card with a link to this website and a password to access the previews in the Downloadables section above–don’t worry, everything will become public soon. There, you’ll find printable versions of the character cards for the released models (we’ll also have fancy versions available at the booth with purchase!), token sheets, and the beta Rules Reference document–which includes a Quick Start section!

All of our rules and character cards will always be available for free online, post-launch.

In the weeks following the convention, we’ll be adding more characters and more factions into the beta folders for your enjoyment and gaming experiences.

Additionally, during the weekend of the convention only, a special short story will be available in the downloads section! At the end, you’ll find a link to a google questionnaire where you’ll be able to cast your vote on the first major Storyline Event outcome for the universe.

In The Booth

Demos! Lore discussions! Art! Me! No Liery, though. Sorry everyone, I know how disappointing it is not to have the chance to be subsumed into the goop (we’re kidding about that; Liery wouldn’t eat humans–we’re too gamey).

Some of our volunteer playtesters will be available all weekend to walk you through the game, talk about the fluff and the factions, and answer any questions you might have about what the future looks like for STARFALL!

Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I will be available as much as I can be, but will not be in the booth the entire time.

We will have some tables set up in the open gaming area to run full games for demonstration purposes! If you and a friend want to try out the full scope, hit us up on Facebook and we’ll make sure one of us will be there to help walk you through your first mission.

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