The Many Types of Azothite

But first! Vacation photos! Eevi Does Things For Fun Sometimes Also Playtesting! Calculated Results; or, why it’s a bad idea to leave raw azothite just laying around, Dan. You know what you did. Modern alchemy employs three forms of azothite in all common experiments and technology: Raw – pure, freshly-mined minerals and chunks of space […]

The Father-Knight

Insert complaining-rant about something here. I don’t know; them kids and their video games. AAAARRRTTTTT Remulanus Domitius, Savior of Terra Also known as, “that jerk that tried to burn the world to the ground.” In 1839, the first “Alchemical World’s Fair” was held. This convening of the worlds foremost alchemists and experts on all-things azothite […]

Azothite Mining and You

Geology and magic! It’s definitely not an explosive combination. Concept Art Asteroid Mining – It’s Dangerous Work So dangerous, in fact, that the N.E.E. uses only political prisoners, death-row inmates, and fools with no other options–I mean; well-compensated volunteers–to work the primary shafts dotting the largest chunk of the shattered asteroid. Its not for the […]

Neo Problems Require Neo Solutions

I really hope someone gets it. *EDIT* This post has been updated with the correct version of the intended story for today. My apologies. Concept Art: Vigil, Specialist of the Cinderfane Paths It’s everyone’s favorite 7’6″, grey-skinned, flame-wielding monk from outer space! We’ve settled on this as the general color-scheme for Cinderfane characters and designs […]

Welcome to Metal Neko Games

Also entitled, “Wait, who made me the captain of this ship and why did they think it was a good idea?” Oh. Right. I did. Hello and welcome to the official Metal Neko Games™ blog! My name is Eevi, I am the Owner and Creative Lead for MNG and the STARFALL™ universe. We are a […]