Neo Problems Require Neo Solutions

I really hope someone gets it. *EDIT* This post has been updated with the correct version of the intended story for today. My apologies. Concept Art: Vigil, Specialist of the Cinderfane Paths It’s everyone’s favorite 7’6″, grey-skinned, flame-wielding monk from outer space! We’ve settled on this as the general color-scheme for Cinderfane characters and designs […]

The Beginnings of the Mercenary Initiative

Guys, guys, GUYS…What if, instead of annihilating each other with alchemical weapons of mass mayhem–I know, I know, bear with me…What if, we sent representatives into SPACE?And THEN use alchemical weapons of mass mayhem to continue trying to annihilate each other, yes. A Bit of History Alright, so the Great War is in full-swing with […]

Welcome to Metal Neko Games

Also entitled, “Wait, who made me the captain of this ship and why did they think it was a good idea?” Oh. Right. I did. Hello and welcome to the official Metal Neko Games™ blog! My name is Eevi, I am the Owner and Creative Lead for MNG and the STARFALL™ universe. We are a […]