Scenarios and STARFALL

That’s right! Today we’re talking loosely about game mechanics–and, specifically, how they tie-into the universe and the continuation of the story line. But first, Art! Meallan, the Thunderer That’s going to be a cool-looking model. We wanted to incorporate Meallan’s returning spear, voice amp, and vague affinity for lightning into the pose, and I think […]

Goodbye, 2019

Short and sweet today, let’s look at some new art! These are the first pieces to show our other two alien races–the Aidleans and the Otakke. Silvalinus Concordis, Cloak of Olaos Captain The Aidlean species originated from a planet covered in massive trees, huge cliffs, and naturally-forming crevices. Their larger forearms are used to navigate […]

Azothite Mining and You

Geology and magic! It’s definitely not an explosive combination. Concept Art Asteroid Mining – It’s Dangerous Work So dangerous, in fact, that the N.E.E. uses only political prisoners, death-row inmates, and fools with no other options–I mean; well-compensated volunteers–to work the primary shafts dotting the largest chunk of the shattered asteroid. Its not for the […]

Neo Problems Require Neo Solutions

I really hope someone gets it. *EDIT* This post has been updated with the correct version of the intended story for today. My apologies. Concept Art: Vigil, Specialist of the Cinderfane Paths It’s everyone’s favorite 7’6″, grey-skinned, flame-wielding monk from outer space! We’ve settled on this as the general color-scheme for Cinderfane characters and designs […]

Company Logos, Playtesting Photos, and a Short Story!

I tried my best to come up with a witty title. Instead, I wrote this one. *EDIT* This post has been updated to include the correction version of the short story. Black and White Logos! We’ve got the first looks at the Company Logos for the starter Companies for you today! The official banner for […]

Preview: Marcus Berger

“Wait, a character model that isn’t Elizabeth? Have you gone nuts?”I mean, “gone?” Hardly. “Even more?” Haha, yeah. Lieutenant of the Cinderfane Paths™ Lieutenant Marcus Berger, formerly of the Neo European Empire’s famous Shieldbreaker Squadron–though, they are more readily remembered as “oathbreakers,” now; a fact Marcus takes rather personally. The lovely Aaron Ruiz did a […]

Preview: Elizabeth Radcliffe

Hey, might as well reveal her normal sculpt as well, right? Captain of the Blood of Croatoa™ There she is–fully adorned in her custom Vanguard MKII Alchemical Combat Suit (ACS for short) drawing the mystical bow, Windraker. I’m crying proud tears of joy. Alchemical Combat Suits We’ve mentioned these a few times now. The members […]