The Many Types of Azothite

But first! Vacation photos! Eevi Does Things For Fun Sometimes Also Playtesting! Calculated Results; or, why it’s a bad idea to leave raw azothite just laying around, Dan. You know what you did. Modern alchemy employs three forms of azothite in all common experiments and technology: Raw – pure, freshly-mined minerals and chunks of space […]

Preview: Elizabeth Radcliffe

Hey, might as well reveal her normal sculpt as well, right? Captain of the Blood of Croatoa™ There she is–fully adorned in her custom Vanguard MKII Alchemical Combat Suit (ACS for short) drawing the mystical bow, Windraker. I’m crying proud tears of joy. Alchemical Combat Suits We’ve mentioned these a few times now. The members […]

Happy Launch Day!

I’m not scared, you’re scared. Oh, and, happy GenCon! Check out the end of this post for an Event Weekend Exclusive. Alright, Let’s Do This We’re officially launching Metal Neko Games and project STARFALL™ as of today! I can no longer run from my responsibilities, haha ahaha… ah…Help me. In all seriousness, I can’t be […]