Cloak of Olaos: Unmaking – Part 2

Written by: Amanda The lull in the debriefing left Silvalinus time to study his team. A political mission never guaranteed a peaceful one. Fnippith sat on the floor, adjusting the settings on her combat suit before switching to admiring the grenade launcher with a dozen new prototype mines from Farrah. Fnippith’s grin made Silvalinus certain […]

Cloak of Olaos: Unmaking – Part 1

Written by: Amanda “This was not your mission, not your orders!” The raised voice echoes from the walls, a judgement from above in a chamber empty save for a lone table and the platform beside it. The Brokerage Board hovers like gnarled trees that have little function but to block the light. It leaves Silvalinus […]

Short Story: The Forgotten and the Mad, Part 3

Written by: Eevi                Four days since the Hegemony had ordered its dropships to flee the planet, four days since these people—colonists, scientists, families—had been abandoned by their caretakers so far from home. His squad had done their best to corral the survivors of the initial containment breach, but they had been separated quickly be […]

Short Story: The Forgotten and the Mad, Part 2

Written by: Eevi “Look man, I told you not to bet on black again,” she chortled back at her anguished companion. He groaned once more, collecting the various coins and packs scattered about the bunker floor into a single pot. Renrue enjoyed practicing her English with Agent Parker—but, not as much as she enjoyed watching […]

Short Story: The Forgotten and the Mad, Part 1

Written by: Eevi Click. Click. Two shots, two targets down. The Otakke sniper’s hands felt the alchemical runes and carvings along the barrel of his weapon, checking for damage or flaws developing from use. He grunted in acknowledgement before firing once more. The kid had done well—he’d even managed to keep that infernal buzzing to […]