AdeptiCan’t – Official Launch of the Open Beta

And we’re live!~Links, Updates, and Art included today. Enjoy! Welcome to the Initiative We’re so glad to have you. Alas, we would have preferred to meet you all in person at Adepticon, but public health and safety come first. Our own staff was negatively affected by COVID-19, but we’re happy to report that we’re all […]

Cloak of Olaos: Unmaking – Part 2

Written by: Amanda The lull in the debriefing left Silvalinus time to study his team. A political mission never guaranteed a peaceful one. Fnippith sat on the floor, adjusting the settings on her combat suit before switching to admiring the grenade launcher with a dozen new prototype mines from Farrah. Fnippith’s grin made Silvalinus certain […]

Cloak of Olaos: Unmaking – Part 1

Written by: Amanda “This was not your mission, not your orders!” The raised voice echoes from the walls, a judgement from above in a chamber empty save for a lone table and the platform beside it. The Brokerage Board hovers like gnarled trees that have little function but to block the light. It leaves Silvalinus […]

Promoters: Intrigue and Complications, Part 2

Finishing up the political backstabbery–for now. Blue Delta Walkers Agent One person’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist. The Blue Delta’s are insurgents; that’s a plain fact. They act, often violently, counter to the wishes of the Qhurothi Hegemony. In the outermost reaches of Hegemony space, as is often the case, however, the Blue Delta’s […]

Promoters: Intrigue and Complications, Part 1

What intergalactic political agency dictating the whims and woes of a paramilitary-mercenary organization would be complete without bureaucratic backstabbery? Archangelus Speaker It’s a lofty title, to be sure. The Archangelus Speakers represent the various factions within the Angels–a covert group controlled by the Brokers directly. At the moment, they are seemingly unified in their actions […]

Scenarios and STARFALL

That’s right! Today we’re talking loosely about game mechanics–and, specifically, how they tie-into the universe and the continuation of the story line. But first, Art! Meallan, the Thunderer That’s going to be a cool-looking model. We wanted to incorporate Meallan’s returning spear, voice amp, and vague affinity for lightning into the pose, and I think […]