Goodbye, 2019

Short and sweet today, let’s look at some new art! These are the first pieces to show our other two alien races–the Aidleans and the Otakke. Silvalinus Concordis, Cloak of Olaos Captain The Aidlean species originated from a planet covered in massive trees, huge cliffs, and naturally-forming crevices. Their larger forearms are used to navigate […]

The Many Types of Azothite

But first! Vacation photos! Eevi Does Things For Fun Sometimes Also Playtesting! Calculated Results; or, why it’s a bad idea to leave raw azothite just laying around, Dan. You know what you did. Modern alchemy employs three forms of azothite in all common experiments and technology: Raw – pure, freshly-mined minerals and chunks of space […]

The Europa Accord

What happens when a crazy alchemist accidentally blows up a moon?Bureaucracy. Concept Art! Alchemy… in… SPAAAAAAACE The majority of the plot of STARFALL takes place out in the local arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Space lanes following azothite trails from point-to-point are the most common paths taken due to their natural stability and ease […]