We’ll be back to our regular schedule this weekend. Apologies for the delay; Eevi has been dealing with some personal emergencies.

Liery has been quite amicable while Eevi has been indisposed–he’s only eaten two of the interns!

Makes you wonder…

The Character Cards for the models that will be available at Adepticon are finished! We’ll be talking about them in-depth the week of the convention. For now, enjoy these portrait snapshots used on the cards themselves!

All art by Cameron Nissen.
™ Metal Neko Games 2020

As an added bonus, have a lovely painting of Renrue of the Cinderfane, carrying Liery on a pride-filled sprint. The Goopcat Supreme seems to have stolen someone’s hat…

We’ll have more surprises as we get closer to the convention! We’re super excited to see you all there and to formally unveil the game!

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