After an unexpected hiatus, we’re back with more art.

You know Murphy; you start planning some huge release and suddenly everything that you thought was chugging along fine is on fire–not blazing, mind you; little fires. Campfires, really. You still have to deal with them, however. The end result is a bunch of progress, feelings of success, and not burning down the forest–I’ll call that a win.

Liery hasn’t been fed today. If that sounds like a warning, it is.

Packaging Art!

It’s real! It’s really real. That logo just pops so nicely, don’t you think?

The ‘squad’ boxes will come with these lovely beauties slapped on the front. They will be available at Adepticon, as well as on our affiliate’s webstore:

We collectively had another “… we’re actually doing this?” moment, staring at the long list of pre-convention needs along side these. I have an ever-increasing appreciation for the sheer hours of work it takes to organize publication and printing. It’s not my first rodeo, but it is the first time my stake was so personal, you know? I’m simultaneously beaming with parental pride and screaming in fear of what I am undertaking and creating.

Character Art!

Farrah Saygh, Cloak of Olaos Lieutenant

Art by Cameron Nissen.

Do you think he has enough mines?

I don’t.

Of course, these are just his patented shock mines. Farrah tends not to bring around his other toys when on assignment with Fnippith–it’s just safer that way.

This officially rounds out the character concept pieces for all of the Squad 1 designs! Next week, we’ll have some Squad 2 characters to show you.

Everyone’s Favorite Murder-Monster

Sculpted by Aaron Ruiz.

Doesn’t she look friendly?

A couple people have asked how could she possibly still have hearing after firing those badboys once or twice. Answer: she’s an alchemically-altered supersoldier from the Argent Palisades, and they have access to some of the best doctors and alchemists in the Neo-European Empire–you think they can’t compensate for a little bit of tinnitus?

Actual answer: space magic.

I’m such a fan of her expression. “A Mercenary is coming to help us! I bet she’s friendly. Oh, she just–ooh, ohh. Hey, that’s a bit–oof, I’m pretty sure he needed those limbs…Not anymore.” Not very friendly, no.

Wrapping Up

This week, we’ll be posting Part 1 of a long-form story written by Amanda. She’s dived headfirst into a complicated mission undertaken by the Cloak of Olaos–Silvalinus, Farrah, and Fnippith (collectively called the Sword of Carthage, *winkwink nudgenudge*). Choices are made, explosions occur, and cuteness ensues.

Check back tomorrow for the first section!

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