Oh, hey; fun fact: we’re live on Adepticon.org’s exhibitors and sponsors page. That’s exciting.

Look forward to that Swag Bag, my friends. We’ll be posting our booth location on here, as well as on our Facebook page the week of the convention. We’ll also be announcing our Convention Deals ahead of time–and, of course, have our Convention Exclusive Elizabeth Radcliffe model available.

Liery is looking forward to Chicago–especially the food.


Remi Dubois, Blood of Croatoa Specialist

Remi is a big boy.

This was a design challenge for the writers and the artist–who, as usual, did a fantastic job of translating my inane babbling. We wanted the ‘moon curse’ to be gross, obviously unnatural, and not just a one-to-one werewolf analogue. There’s just enough of the original human left to make it an unsettling sight, without directly relying on more common horror-tropes to convey the feeling.

In terms of gameplay, I’m excited to see the sculpted model on the table. Staring down that big claw will make Remi a constant threat on the board in a way that a piece of tape on a 50mm base just doesn’t convey.

Design Updates

Wave 1

We have a few more weeks of playtesting planned for all Wave 1 content–which includes Squads 1 and 2 for the first four factions and six Broker Agent profiles. At this point, the model profiles are more or less finalized. We’re still tinkering down the minutia of equipment and a few of the more problematic upgrades.

Layout design for the character cards and tokens is well underway–and man, I can’t wait to show them to all of you. When the game launches, printable versions of both will be made available for free. The fancy versions will be available through our store and through our partner affiliates.

The digital rulebook is undergoing edits, reformatting for clarity and ease of use, and general screaming (me). By the official launch of Wave 1, both it and a Quick Start document will available for free download. Unless something goes horribly wrong, it will should be available for preview at Adepticon as well.

Wave 2

The second release wave will introduce a ton of new content. Two new factions, additional characters for existing factions, new upgrades and equipment (including a new type), and will officially introduce our character Broker Agents–including some based on designs submitted by our lovely playtesters, and not all of which are Human.

We’re a long way off from revealing too much about the second release wave, but the designs are coming along strongly! You can expect to see story previews of the new characters before too much longer while we finish up the character introductions for the Squad 2 characters. In fact, you’ve already met Agent Parker…

Wrapping Up

Short and sweet today! Look forward to introduction stories this week for the Blood of Croatoa Squad 2 characters–Okwaho, Billie Derringer, and little J.J.

Until next time, we’re marching towards a game existing! Hit us up on Facebook with questions regarding our beta program and how you can get involved!

Eevi out.

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