Promoters: Intrigue and Complications, Part 2

Finishing up the political backstabbery–for now.

All hail the Goopcat.

Liery, our friend in the goop, asks that you join him today.

In the goop.


Blue Delta Walkers Agent

One person’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist.

The Blue Delta’s are insurgents; that’s a plain fact. They act, often violently, counter to the wishes of the Qhurothi Hegemony. In the outermost reaches of Hegemony space, as is often the case, however, the Blue Delta’s are heroes. When the Hegemony abandons your colony to the plague or opts not to commit military resources to repulse pirate raids–Aidlean or otherwise–the iconic Null-Pressure Environment Fighter-crafts employed by the disenfranchised soldiers of the organization (often Hegemony deserters) are your only hope for rescue.


The bulk of the Blue Delta agents have retreated well beyond the Black Line, fighting daily to deal with whatever horrible fate lead the Hegemony to pull back its assets. What few operatives and agents remain near Terran space have simple aims: disrupt the Hegemony, find allies, and stall any attempts to gain full control of the asteroid–by anyone. As long as galactic attentions remain centered around Terra Prime, the threat of discovery by the Aidleans or the Hegemony’s spies is greatly diminished.

The retrieval of technology, resources, and medical assets is also a high priority. It’s not unheard-of for doctors making friends with a Qhurothi passing through suddenly go missing–especially if they’ve dabbled in viral studies.


Despite their lofty, humanitarian aims, the Blue Delta’s are well-known for horrible acts of violence, destruction, and death. I suppose that’s what happens when you anger a bunch of soldiers and pilots enough to make them desert en masse–they use the training they were given.

The main fighting force of the Blue Deltas are engaged in anti-piracy actions along the outer-reaches of the Hegemony’s space. They protect isolate colonies as best they can from space-based threats, while their agents work to defend the colonists from planetary threats–as well as the threat of plague.

Each ‘Wing’ operates entirely on its own. In theory, the organization has a leadership structure, but where and who have yet to be determined.

Gameplay in STARFALL: AoM™

When it comes to the Initiative, however, they hedge their bets–after all, they have at least one agent within its ranks; it wouldn’t fit their creed to get their own killed. Taking payment from the Blue Delta’s means sabotage, interrupting the Broker’s plans, and retrieving vital information. Just don’t ask what they plan to do with it, if you want to live long enough to spend your pay.

N.E.E. Inquisitor

Does it actually surprise you that the Neo European Empire employs inquisitors?

It’s more of a military rank than any sort of secret or covert organization. The inquisitors maintain order and compliance within the ranks, punish lawbreakers, and remove dissidents from power–all entirely within public view. Ostensibly, they keep out of civilian affairs.

Of course, ‘civilian affairs’ is such a nebulous term, isn’t it?


The total domination of Terra Prime and all of its–

I mean.

The inquisitors serve the peoples of the N.E.E. and carry out the orders of the Father-Knight himself. What they do, they do for the people–just not ‘all’ peoples. The Mercenary Initiative is a great platform to spread their influence and improve galactic perceptions of the Terran home world. What better way to gain footholds on other worlds and obtain technology and contacts to empower the greatest empire to have ever existed?


Captains often fall prey to the simplistic trap of ‘plausible deniability.’ Working for the inquisitors means knowing that some greater game is afoot–but, you don’t know what, and you won’t have to know unless things go horribly wrong. Do your job, get paid, go home.

They aren’t as clever as the Hegemony, neither are they as ruthless as the Angels, nor as resourceful as the Blue Deltas. It’s their dauntless tenacity that sets the inquisitors apart from the other Promoters influencing the Brokerage board. Even if you fail, they won’t.

Gameplay in STARFALL: AoM™

Working for an Inquisitor means saying “yessir” and not asking additional questions. You will plant this device at X location. You will defend our designated asset. You will return and report back in full. Then, you get paid. It’s straightforward and easy; surely even you can handle that, eh?

Just don’t mess it up.

Wrapping up

Check back Saturday for more information on the beta program, and the introduction to the members of the Blood of Croatoa’s Squad 2!

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