Promoters: Intrigue and Complications, Part 1

What intergalactic political agency dictating the whims and woes of a paramilitary-mercenary organization would be complete without bureaucratic backstabbery?

At least one of the Promoters represented in this two-part series works for the Goopcat Supreme.

Archangelus Speaker

It’s a lofty title, to be sure.

The Archangelus Speakers represent the various factions within the Angels–a covert group controlled by the Brokers directly. At the moment, they are seemingly unified in their actions and requests, pushing the various Companies to hold the Board’s interests over all else.


Non-Terran interference with the Board’s dealings is an unacceptable factor. Long-term, the Angels are working towards Terran autonomy in its own interests, particularly where mining of the Azothite asteroid are involved.

Note, they are not “Human-centric.” The Angels are comprised of many species, all of whom have made Terra Prime their home for multiple generations. Qhurothi, Otakke, Aidlean, Tsurrech, Ulorruu, and Humans work together under the banner of “Terra First” regardless of their ancestral backgrounds.


Of the currently available Promoters, the Angels are by far the most subtle. They opt for secrecy, spies–cloak-and-dagger operations. They have members in the ranks of the Initiative itself, and are not afraid to make sacrifices to further their own aims.

Outside the missions of the Initiative, the Angels employ assassination, sabotage, blackmail, and wide-scale destruction just short of colony-wide genocide when they deem it necessary. Of course, the members of the Board know nothing of their actions, though they are glad to have such a powerful organization at their disposal.

Gameplay in STARFALL: AoM™

Right now, the Initiative is still relatively young in its operations. The Angels don’t want to disrupt the growth of what could be their most powerful tool in pursuing their mantra of “Terra First.”

Working for the Angels means subtlety, observation, and dealing just a little bit of wide-spread damage. They’ll ask you to report on your missions, detail the nature of any opposed squads or governments or organizations. They’ll reward you for engaging in light combat–they need to see how effective their ACS-equipped mercenary soldiers are, after all.

Hegemony Representative

Let’s be honest: is anyone surprised that the Hegemony directly interferes with your missions?

I thought not.


The Hegemony seeks what it always has: control over all azothite dealings in their region of space–“their region” being loosely defined at any given point.

With so many other spacefaring species involving themselves, they were unable to wrest ownership of the asteroid away for themselves only. Manipulating the Board seemed like a perfect alternative–they gain the benefits of an ‘impartial’ military force to aid their outlying colonies, and get to appear magnanimous is aiding the development of the human-species.


In short: yes.

As a whole, the Hegemony strives for peaceful resolution, mutual growth and benefit, and the protection of its people and allies.

Individually, the members of the Hegemony are uniquely monstrous in their machinations, particularly when there is personal promotion to be had. They aren’t so different than any species’ politicians, really; they just have the backing of the largest and most advanced empire this side of the galactic arm.

Of course, the individual representatives rarely get along outside the Quorum. The Otakke have a saying: “the best way to get one of those tall bastards off your back is to mention you heard their neighbor politely praising their garden.” Perhaps to the great relief of peoples throughout the galaxy, the Qhurothi trust their own the least of all.

Gameplay in STARFALL: AoM™

In the Qhurothi mindset, the best way to disrupt your opponent is to out stall them–let them make their own mistakes rather than committing resources to forcing them, eh?

Working for the Hegemony gives you a simple aim: don’t let anyone else complete their missions. The less they accomplish, the more you are rewarded. It’s a simple system, but an effective one.

Wrapping Up

Check back Thursday for write-ups on the remaining two Promoters to be available in Season 1!

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