That’s right! Today we’re talking loosely about game mechanics–and, specifically, how they tie-into the universe and the continuation of the story line.

But first, Art!

Meallan, the Thunderer

That’s going to be a cool-looking model.

We wanted to incorporate Meallan’s returning spear, voice amp, and vague affinity for lightning into the pose, and I think Cameron has successfully done that here in the concept. I’m excited!

Fnippith Aluxi

Art by Cameron Nissen. STARFALL™

Final pose renders for Fnippith as well!

She’s going to be so small… I absolutely love her.

Liery has exciting news for you–but you have to go to his “definitely not a trap” meeting first.


Metal Neko Games will officially be attending Adepticon 2020 this coming March. Stay tuned for more details, promotions, and general hype!

Storyline Events, Promoters, and Actually Winning a Game

Games of STARFALL: Age of Mercenaries™ are played over two rounds, during which your character models and broker agents will activate numerous times each, all attempting to remove obstacles (*cough* your opponent’s models *cough*) and score points for either the Mission Scenario or your chosen Promoter.

We’ve talked about the Promoters before. Think of them like intergalactic lobbyists, influencing the whims and decisions of the Brokerage Board. At the beginning of a casual game, you’ll declare which Promoter you are actually working for–this determines how you earn half of your possible points.

Your Promoter may instruct you to do any number of things: add an additional objective piece, give you an assassination target, or just keep your Captain alive through the melee. To win the game, you will have to complete your Promoter’s objective as well as work towards the Mission Scenario to outscore your opponent.

There are currently four Promoter choices: an Archangelus Speaker, who represents the Angels and the Board itself; a Hegemony Representative, working, in theory, for the benefit of the government of Qhurothi Prime; a Blue Delta Walkers Agent, whose aims are obscure, but definitely full of fire and flame; and an N.E.E. Inquisitor, claiming to be acting on the behalf of all Terrans and the Initiative itself.

If you decide to work for the Speaker, you’ll always know at least half of your objectives going into a game or event–his aims never change, even if the scenario does!

Why all the thematic drama added to choosing objectives for a skirmish game? Easy, your Promoter choice during Organized Play will help influence the direction of the overall story! You, the players, will be directly impacting the ebb and flow of politics, power, and conflict within the STARFALL universe.

In simple terms: an official Storyline kit (like one based on the Forgotten and the Mad short story series) will report three data points back to the Brokerage Board: the winning faction and squad composition; the total Victory Points earned by each available Promoter choice; and the decisions made by the first and second place players in regards to a prompt given to them by the Tournament Organizer after the event.

Once the initial Storyline Window has closed, the accompanying kit will still be made available until the end of the current season, but additional votes will not be taken into account.

Sometimes these Storyline events will determine what faction picks up a new named character or piece of equipment; sometimes they’ll change the very nature of the universe; and, sometimes, most of the time, you’ll get to read the results here in short story form.

Wrapping up

There will be no additional short fiction published this week. Check back Tuesday and Thursday for write-ups on the first four Promoters, their aims and goals, and what you can expect from them as a loyal Mercenary Company.

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