The Metal Neko blog will be going through some format changes as we enter the new year. Look forward to shorter, but more frequent, posts focusing on specific aspects of the universe and the game.

In other news, MNG will be officially be at Adepticon 2020 at the end of March in Chicago, Illinois. We’ll be giving demos of the game and have some swag and products available! Come out and see us~

Aww, guys; I think Liery is still overgooped from the holidays. He looks so cute when he isn’t devouring planets whole.

Concept Art

Fnippith Aluxi, Cloak of Olaos Specialist

Our first revealed Otakke character is technically a bit of an enigma amongst her kind. The Otakke typically keep themselves bald as a sign of dedication, only choosing to grow a lock of hair to signify a promise that as not yet been fulfilled.

Fnippith has made many promises over her few years dealing with Terrans, and she has quite a few outstanding debts to pay.

She’s designed to be a stealth character for the STARFALL™ game–just while also carrying a grenade launcher half her size. Another fun teaser for you: a member of the Blood of Croatoa helped design her ACS, naming it after the answer she gave to the first question she was asked, “to seek the green.”

Meallan the Thunderer, Blood of Croatoa Lieutenant

Art by Cameron Nissen. STARFALL™2019

A special surprise to anyone who comments on our Facebook page with the choice above that matches what we decided to have Cameron develop. The other options may or may not be developed into new models or characters as the universe continues to expand.

Our resident wind-riding, two-spirit warrior wears the Flintborn ACS designed by his home tribe specifically for their Mercenary Initiative representatives (there are two in the first wave of characters). Loathe to give up their military technology, the First Nation’s Flintborn base-chassis relies on the wearer’s skill for survival, offering very little protection once the shield has been depleted.

Honestly, that works just fine for Meallan and Okwaho both. Meallan’s tribe added tools to help him hear the voice of the wind as well as his spear–now near-legendary in Broker circles for its vaguely magical abilities. As for Okwaho… We’ll talk about the Bear another time.

Wrapping Up

This week’s short story will be separated into multiple parts as a format experiment! We’ll be introducing Squad 2 of the Cinderfane and some STARFALL-universe elements, all while teasing an eventual Storyline Event for Season 1 of the STARFALL™ Organize Play year (no date given yet).

Look for Part 1 of the short story, “The Forgotten and the Mad,” to release Sunday morning, with the remaining two parts to release throughout the week.


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