Preview: Marcus Berger

“Wait, a character model that isn’t Elizabeth? Have you gone nuts?”
I mean, “gone?” Hardly. “Even more?” Haha, yeah.

Lieutenant of the Cinderfane Paths™

This render is a Work-in-Progres. Final scale pending. Not currently available for sale. Sculpted by Aaron Ruiz.

Lieutenant Marcus Berger, formerly of the Neo European Empire’s famous Shieldbreaker Squadron–though, they are more readily remembered as “oathbreakers,” now; a fact Marcus takes rather personally.
The lovely Aaron Ruiz did a wonderful job with this render. You can see the attachment ports on the breastplate–standard slots for attachments and equipment options. We’ll be using something similar on all future models, particularly the scrubbo variants.

Concept Art

Vanguard MKIII ACS. Concept art by Cameron Nissen. Copyright 2019© Metal Neko Games

Cameron, you’re still awesome.
The MKIII was redesigned by Marcus himself–his plans were later stolen and distributed across Europe and Northern Africa, of course. With help from the enigmatic “Fourth,” he replaced the thin Antimony pumps and alchemical regulators for more robust–and crude–lines of the purest Magnesium-Azothite compounds to keep him fighting, consequences be damned.
But we’ll talk more about that another time. To round out our Launch Weekend, enjoy the newest short story. I hope you’ll find it illuminating on the Qhurothi cult that helped establish the Cinderfane Paths.

Like What You See?

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Enjoy the story.

The Tao of Cinders

Written by: Eevi

Breathe–just breathe. Release control, release your hold on the self. Release your breath, your self, to the universe around you. This is the first tenet.

Dusk fell, the planet’s sun dipping lower behind the distant mountain range. The clouds lazed-about onwards, carried forth by the softest of winds–the very breath of the world. The surface of the pond scattered with sudden energy as a bird took wing, marring the crystalline water with the passion of its flight.
Heron, a freshwater fisher native to the Eastern portion of this continent. Known for its–
Breathe. Let go of distractions, of thought and action. Let go of all plans and think not of the path before you.
There are no threads pulling you forward, just your breath on the wind.

The flames of coming night reached out from behind the mountaintops, like fingers burning orange and red across the sky. Soon, they reached the temple, signalling the beginning. As one, the breath of seven filled the garden–slowly, deliberately filling the air with their presence. With the final coming of night, the First drew his blade and plunged into the pit of coals. Magnesium coils burned around his arms, power pumping forth with every breath. Then, the Second, the Third, the Fourth arose from the circle–each adding their blades to the growing column of flame. 

Empty yourself of yourself–what does that even–just, just remember to breathe. That’s what she said, yeah? ‘Breathe yourself out into the universe, and let it fill the emptiness. Give in to the energy of the universe.’ 
Your energy is finite, the universe is infinite. That is the first tenet.

The Fifth and Sixth arose from their observance as the pillar peaked at the temple’s height. The Seventh approached from behind, a curved, hooked sword–a khopesh–in her ashen hands. With a gentle tug at his restraints, she pulled Marcus to his feet–the alchemical tubing, machinery, all falling away as she cut him loose.

“Walk with me, son of the empire.” Her voice bounced with anticipation. Vigil stepped aside, waving Marcus forward. Towards the flames.
As they walked, the Fifth and Sixth followed, their blades aloft, their steps measured, perfectly in sync with each other.

Exhale the finite, breathe in the infinite. Become the infinite. Breathe–and become the breathless.

The column of flame danced and swirled as the collective breath of the Cinderfane released the energies bound within them. Red and orange lights, black soot, and shadows of blue and white–all filled the temple garden as the heat withered the green away with reckless abandon.
Marcus stood before the fire, inhaling the uncontrolled energies, feeling, for the first time, the coils around his body come to life–pumping the alchemical compounds through his blood. It burned–his blood, his skin, his thoughts and emotions, his very breath all seared, radiating light and heat as the energies filled him.
The First spoke a command, and Vigil tossed him forward. Marcus stepped through the flames and was no more.

To walk the Cinderfane Paths is to be consumed by purifying flames. Breathe out the finite energies of the self and be filled by the truest energies of the universe. Energy is passion. Passion is breath.

As the flames faded, he arose anew, ash-covered, glowing with alchemical fire. Marcus, former son of the empire, had been burned away, leaving only a singular passion–leaving only Vengeance.

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