Preview: Elizabeth Radcliffe

Hey, might as well reveal her normal sculpt as well, right?

Captain of the Blood of Croatoa™

Proportions identical to the Event Exclusive version. 40mm to the eyes. Not currently available for sale. Sculpted by Aaron Ruiz.

There she is–fully adorned in her custom Vanguard MKII Alchemical Combat Suit (ACS for short) drawing the mystical bow, Windraker.
I’m crying proud tears of joy.

Alchemical Combat Suits

We’ve mentioned these a few times now. The members of each Mercenary Company wear an ACS that was custom-designed (or designed from scratch) for them by their individual sponsors.
The Vanguard MKI was developed by alchemists and engineers in the North American Alliance as part of their pre-invasion efforts during the Great War. The first wave of Vanguard-equipped soldiers engaged the Empire’s forces in a surprise attack. While the MKI was designed exclusively for use by the *REDACTED INFORMATION*
Hey, what gives?
Oh fine.
The MKII retains the original design’s emphasis on Antimony pathways, allowing the wearer to safely tap into the element’s alchemical properties that increase physical strength and induce a controlled rage state–and sometimes cause you to *REDACTED INFORMATION*
You’re no fun.
Let’s just say that the NAA 111th Shocktrooper Corps has a well-deserved reputation for brutality.

Concept Art

Vanguard MKII ACS. Concept art by Cameron Nissen. Copyright 2019© Metal Neko Games

Cameron, you’re awesome.
Elizabeth won’t be the only character to wear a version of this armor–and it’ll be eventually be an option for the unnamed scrubbos that complete a Mercenary Company on the job!
But, more on that another time.
Check back tomorrow for another preview post to round out our Gencon/BlogLaunch Weekend!

Like What You See?

Tell us what you think of the designs in the comments below! And checkout our friends at before the weekend is out for your first chance at the Event Exclusive Elizabeth Sculpt!

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